How Crypto Games Marketing Helps Bring In New Players

February 9, 2023

Crypto has made its way into games, slowly changing the way we view and play them. It used to be that games followed a pay-to-play system, where you could get rare items and level up your characters by spending money on your account. With crypto, the script has been flipped since the system with these games has become play-to-earn.

Making the game competitive and skill-based is the main idea behind crypto games, as the makers try to do away with the proven, and somewhat frustrating formula of spending cash to become strong in-game.

If you wonder how crypto games are marketed, what the various crypto games marketing strategies are, and what’s worth playing, read more to find out.

How Crypto Games Marketing Helps Bring New Players In

Experts in the crypto industry believe that a great product markets itself. While this belief might be true, crypto games marketing helps speed up the process of organic growth.

Crypto games, in particular, have gained a massive following over a short period, as evidenced by the wildly popular crypto game Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is nearing 1,000,000 active users despite having been up for only four years.

Aside from the allure of earning tokens, and the power of word-of-mouth marketing, crypto games marketing plays a huge role in the growth of crypto games. Social media marketing is an effective marketing strategy these games employ since a vast majority of those interested in crypto, gaming, or both are on social media.

Pay-to-Play vs Play-to-Earn

Gone are the days when you would spend money to purchase items that have no real-world value; with crypto games, you can turn your items into something beneficial. This system changed with the introduction of crypto games and their play-to-earn system, where you can earn crypto tokens through selling or trading in-game.

With regular games or pay-to-play games, you can only buy in-game items that stay in-game, meaning if the servers of that game close, you lose those items that you bought. Play-to-earn games, however, are games where you have the chance to truly own the items you purchase.

Play-to-earn games eliminate these problems by storing your purchased items on blockchains so you can access them through your login credentials.

On the other hand, pay-to-play games are structured in a way where you can only spend to get the items that you want. While this method is not a bad thing, it contributes to the popular notion that games have no benefit whatsoever.

You also have a chance to earn through pay-to-play games, and this is by selling your account to another user. But this method takes too much time and can cost a player a lot before being able to sell their accounts.

3 Effective Crypto Games Marketing Strategies

Crypto games enjoy considerable growth through digital marketing. With various marketing strategies that you can use to create hype, the reach can be far and wide. While video games are easy to market because of their mass appeal, having different marketing strategies can amplify the effect of their initial appeal.

Here are the different crypto games marketing strategies you can use:

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a great asset to any company. With them, you essentially get a mini-celebrity with organic and loyal followers. Influencers can market crypto games in different ways, from directly promoting the game on their videos or blogs to giveaways through contests or promos.

Influencers can also participate in different events hosted by the game company, boosting the game’s exposure and creating the influencers’ potential to gain new followers.

There is also the Ambassador Program some companies use, where anyone can be an ambassador and gain perks associated with the position. All these ambassadors have to do is promote crypto games or NFTs, and they can earn prizes like tokens.

2. YouTube and Twitch Marketing

Live streaming and gaming go hand in hand. With platforms like YouTube and Twitch, gamers are free to stream whatever game they want to showcase. You can take full advantage live streaming services offer by launching various campaigns on these platforms.

Campaigns can include inviting live streamers who have already shown interest in crypto games to give your game a try. You can also stream the development process that goes on behind the scenes, to create a connection with your community.

Lastly, you can do giveaways and loot drops that encourage your community to check the game or stream the games themselves.

3. Discord Marketing

Discord is a platform dominated by gamers as they use it for just about anything related to gaming, from video chats to various channels that give updates about the games they’re playing. You can utilize the user-friendly interface and channels of Discord to market your games.

Discord bots also make the job easier for marketing, as they can offer immediate answers to different questions users frequently ask. Having dedicated channels within the main server/channel can also make things easier for users to find what they want exactly.

Discord is also ideal for zeroing in on your target audience. Having specific links for servers mean that everyone in your server chose to be there themselves, which means that they are already interested and knowledgeable about the content. All that’s left for you to do is to always answer queries and provide useful information.

The Best Crypto Games in 2022

A game may find it hard to prosper if many users do not back it, and this fact rings more true with games that use decentralized finance technology.

For this reason, we need to take a look at crypto games by their popularity and see which games offer more chances of crypto transactions. These games are:

1. Axie Infinity

No crypto games list is complete without Axie Infinity, and this game is a creature breeding and fighting game where you can buy and sell creatures on its dedicated marketplace.

Creatures in the game use the NFT technology, where if you pay for them, they’re yours since the data within these creatures are already stored in blockchains where you only have access. Making your creatures stronger and selling them is one of the ways you can earn in this game. Think Pokemon, but one where you can earn crypto tokens.

Additionally, you can also earn tokens called SLPs, which you can use to buy items or creatures on the market. Multiple means of earning, and a good, user-friendly interface are what Axie Infinity brings to the table.

2. War Riders

War Riders is a post-apocalyptic PVP (player versus player) vehicular combat game where you can use crypto tokens to buy different parts for your vehicle. You can also mine BZN tokens by playing this game.

It is a free-to-play game but you have to purchase your initial vehicle with crypto. You can earn BZN, the token used by the game, by mining them on BZN pumps scattered all throughout the wasteland, stealing other players’ tokens, or owning a garage.

As of the moment, there are streamers on YouTube streaming the game, and it’s slowly gaining popularity despite being relatively new. The initial setback pales in comparison to the potential earnings you might get by playing this game, so if you’re interested, check the game out.

3. Gods Unchained

Card games and NFTs is a match made in crypto heaven. Borrowing the concept of placing value in scarce resources, NFTs basically adopted the way trading card games place value on rare cards.

Gods unchained is a crypto trading card game where you can buy and collect NFT cards using crypto. This game is a Free-to-Play-to-Earn (F2P2E) game, where you can play for free yet have the chance to earn crypto tokens.

Earning in Gods Unchained is done through selling your cards. The value depends on the rarity and the strength of the cards. Common cards can sell for  0.000015 ETH, while rare ones can reach hundreds.

Gods Unchained has a strong Discord community where they receive new updates about the game and have discussions regarding strategies and various approaches.

4. The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons is a crypto role-playing game (RPG) where you can own the items you get using the NFT technology.

You can craft, buy, sell or trade items that you get from exploring the vast open world and randomly generated dungeons within the game. This game is essentially Diablo 3, where you can buy and sell your items using crypto tokens.

Earning is done through automatic [yield farming]( farming%2C or liquidity mining%2C is the concept,for their involvement and perpetuation of the ecosystem.). You can also trade your items to have better stakes on the protocols. The Six Dragons have a good YouTube community and is being played by various YouTube influencers.

5. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is another crypto trading card game similar to Gods Unchained. Rare cards also use the NFT technology, ensuring scarcity and its value.

They can also reward players with crypto tokens based on their performance in tournaments. You also buy and sell using crypto, making it the perfect game for card collectors and crypto users alike.

Users earn DEC tokens by winning battles in this game, and the amount you can earn depends on your level and your opponent’s level. You can also sell your cards, with rarer cards being worth more than the others.

In terms of marketing, Splinterlands have recently partnered up with well known Waka Flocka, by allowing players to use a Waka Flocka summoner in the game. Waka Flocka has over 3.5M followers on Instagram and this partnership has helped bring attention to the game.

Looking forward to the best 2023 Crypto Games!

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