How Crypto SEO Benefits Your Business and How to Write an Effective Crypto Article

February 3, 2023

Have you ever wondered why search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best strategies businesses employ? According to Business Insider, about 36% of small businesses. back in 2019 used SEO as one of their marketing tools.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pertains to different disciplines designed to optimize your site’s ranking on the search engine results. This team is comprised of, but not limited to writers and web developers, and they utilize different strategies like blogs and website redesigns to make your website more appealing.

For example, if you’re a crypto company looking to get more exposure, you can hire an SEO team to make your sites more appealing to the visitors and the search engines as well.

There are many benefits to having search engine optimization as one of your marketing strategies, especially if you are a crypto business. Curious to find out what they are? Read this article.

How Crypto SEO Benefits Your Business

If we want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, we count on the help of various articles online to educate us about the subject. Crypto can be a relatively hard concept to understand, that’s why having informative articles that contain relevant links and informative multimedia tools are crucial in spreading information regarding crypto.

SEO is cost-effective and has a wide reach. By spending a small amount, you can see the reach of your articles grow over time.

SEO also doesn’t involve constant monitoring, because preparations are done ahead of time. Data is already monitored prior to launching a campaign, and the pieces of information gathered helps with the overall quality of the finished product.

Furthermore, the performance of the page can be monitored on a monthly basis, since organic growth develops over time. The real battle is during the data gathering stage, as the information that you can get during that time are the ones that can bolster your webpage.

Once you have successfully launched your campaign, all that’s left to do is monitor various data like bounce rate, which pertains to the time spent by a user on your page before leaving, and backlinks, meaning the links to your webpage, among other data like SEO traffic.

Why is Ranking Important?

Achieving a high rank in search engines is the main goal for SEO teams and businesses because having a high rank means having exposure.

According to data from Serp Watch, about 75% of users click on the top 5 results on search engines. This data means that if your article is not on the first page of the search results, the chance of your article being read is small.

Analytics also play a key role in SEO, as these pieces of information dictate how the next few projects can be approached. For example, if the bounce rate of a certain webpage is low, then maybe it’s time to consider a redesign for the page, or articles that focus on particular keywords.

Analytics also dictate what type of device your visitors use when viewing your page. A high number of viewers using mobile phones may also mean that you should consider making a more mobile-friendly page.

Potential Revenue

Exposure is significant for articles because of their ability to turn those clicks into revenue that comes in the form of ads on the websites, or new customers enticed by your attractive webpage. Having an article that doesn’t just hit the necessary keywords but is also compelling can pique the interest of the readers and can make them want to try the crypto service.

Potential revenue is also the driving force behind building links to other sites and other articles within your website. Search engines have crawlers or “spiders” that go through websites and the links within them and ranks the sites based on the relevance of the keywords and other factors within their crawler algorithm.

Domain Authority

Higher Domain Authority (DA) means higher ranks in search results, and higher search results mean higher chances of readers reading the article. That’s why it is advisable to aim for higher domain authority.

Domain authority pertains to the overall rank of your domain and is calculated based on the quality and quantity of your external links. This rating’s scale is from 1-100, and sites that are performing well based on this scale are the major ones, like Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

The idea is not to reach 100 on this scale, but it is to perform well compared to the DA of your competitors. For a crypto article, it’s advisable to check high-ranking articles to see what worked for them and apply it to your article.

For example, you can look at how the web pages of top-performing crypto sites are structured, the quality of the links, and how they presented their topics, and compare them to yours. You can also use tools like Ahrefs Website Authority Checker to check your domain authority.

How to Write an Optimized Crypto Article

Anyone can write a crypto article, but to write a crypto article optimized for search engines, there are specific rules you must follow. It’s not about stuffing your keywords in articles; it’s about placing them organically and seamlessly within the articles that are wrapped up in a clean looking, easy to navigate page.

Strategic placing of the keywords on the headings, URLs, tags, and alt-texts also helps. For example, if you use a photo from an outside source, the alt-text, or the “caption” of the article can contain the keywords.

While writing is a form of art, SEO writing is art and science combined, as evidenced by the things you need to keep in mind before writing an optimized article. Ready to write your own? Here are the steps to do just that:

1. Choosing an Effective Crypto Topic

With SEO writing, the topic is everything. The topic dictates the meat of your article, and this also dictates the subheadings and other minor keywords your article might revolve around.

Topics and keywords are two different things, since a topic looks at the bigger picture, while keywords support the topics. For example, if your topic is “what is crypto lending,” various subtopics like “pros and cons of crypto lending” that contain the keywords “crypto lending” can serve as support for the main topic.

Choosing the right crypto topic is also an essential ingredient of crypto SEO because people generally search for keywords, and these keywords will lead them to relevant topics. The huge advantage of hitting the relevant topic in your articles is you will have a higher ranking in search results.

Search engine algorithms generally look for relevant topics, that’s why spreading your keywords generously within the article won’t work unless it’s within the context of your topic.

It’s also important to map out your topics carefully by doing keyword research beforehand. Keyword research means using tools like Ahrefs Keyword Generator and Ubersuggest that provides you with useful information like the keyword’s traffic and trend.

2. Follow a Specific Tone

A writer’s writing style or tone dictates how people perceive the article, and because of that reason, choosing a style and sticking to it is crucial. If you start your article off by sounding professional, you must maintain that tone all the way through.

Conversely, if you plan on doing a social media campaign, you should also modify your writing tone in a way that people will see it as friendly, casual, and light.

Nothing is more distracting to readers than a tone that constantly changes, as it can prove to be confusing, and it might take the focus away from the information you’re trying to present.

Another factor that you should take into consideration is your target demographic. With crypto, users tend to be in the 18-29 age range, so it’s only logical to adjust your writing style to better suit their age.

Determining other factors like their way of life, hobbies, and the subculture your target demographic belongs to also helps a lot in customizing your writing tone to better fit them.

For example, you can use an educational yet casual tone in order to have a friendly tone that those belonging to the young adult age group can get behind. Knowing your demographic and adjusting to their style is one of the best things you can do for your article.

3. See What Your Competitors are Doing

Part of your time allotted for research should go into looking at what other articles have done right. There’s a reason why high ranking articles have the spot they have in search results, and your duty is to find out what those reasons are.

Another tip is to check the domain ranking of the top 5 articles using your chosen topic. Domain ranking pertains to the quality and quantity of the backlinks articles receive. The idea is to create a compelling article that will make other articles want to use your article as a reference. Here is a list of various things you have to look for during competition research:

  • Their title
  • Placement of keywords
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Word count
  • Readability
  • Page structure
  • Supporting multimedia files

One good tool that you can use to check the domain ranking of your competitors and your articles is Ahrefs Domain Ranking Calculator. For your content, you can also use MarketMuse and SimilarWeb to point out relevant keywords and help you optimize your article even better.

4. Write

The next step is to organize your thoughts and write. You should also find opportunities to create internal links, as these links also help search engines to rank up your articles.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your paragraphs concise. If you’re comfortable writing wordy and long paragraphs, then it’s time to split those paragraphs or find a new way to explain complex ideas briefly.

Look at the high ranking articles for reference and try to emulate the writing style of those articles. That should help you trim down the unnecessary parts.

5. On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Once the article is done, all that’s left for you to do is to do on-page optimization. This method is also referred to as on-site optimization, and it involves the use of elements like tags and internal links that all point out to your keyword or topic.

Stating your keywords on your URLs and meta descriptions also play a key role in attracting search engines to your page. Meta descriptions are brief explanations of your article’s contents, containing the keywords, and these things help search engines identify what your article is all about.

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Digital marketing is the way of the future, and Syyx understands its importance. With blockchain technology being a relatively new way of transacting online, Syyx can create various crypto articles that generate buzz and raise brand awareness for your company.

We can also provide an in-depth analysis of the article’s overall performance by providing you with reports regarding rankings.

Keeping the clients up to date with real-time tracking, providing attention to detail, and employing various effective marketing strategies, is what Syyx brings to the table. We also do well by maximising the opportunities social media platforms offer by hosting different events catered to boost your businesses’ exposure.

In an age where exposure in the digital landscape is hard, trust that Syyx has got you covered.

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